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Vacuum Cleaners

Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center is an exclusive dealer for Air-Way Vacuum Cleaners. We also sell and service central vacuum systems by CYCLO VAC.

These quality brands offer many features that make them easy to use. Some offer hospital grade filtration that is a must for allergy sufferers. Onboard cleaning attachments make them a joy to use, and essential for pet owners.

Quality Vacuums You Can Rely On

Air-Way vacuums feature:

  • Most suction available in a portable vacuum
  • Warranties up to 3 years
  • Free Service During Warranty

Pet owners face a dual challenge

vacuums for dog owners

We love our pets but getting their hair off the carpet requires a vacuum with strong suction and an effective roller brush. Also, you have to deal with pet dander and other very small particles. And they may be on your furniture. That means that in addition to strong suction, you need an exceptional filtration system. Without it, every time you vacuum you will be throwing contaminants into the air that you and your family breathe.

vacuums for cat owners

For pet owners, we recommend the Air-Way Centuri Dog n Cat Upright, as the best solution.

It features a powerful 1300 watt motor, and electrostatic post filter and a washable HEPA filter. On board attachments make cleaining a breeze.

Help for Allergy Sufferers

Your home can either be a safe haven where you get relief from the things that trigger allergy symptoms, or it can be a constant irritant — worse than being outside.

For many allergy sufferers, vacuuming can be a painful experience because regular vacuums pickup contaminants from the floor and blow them into the air, where they can be inhaled.

For people with severe allergies, we recommend a Central Vacuum System. All of the dust and contaminants picked up by vacuuming are pulled outside your home, for a cleaner indoor environment.

Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Gives You Added Value

Why you should get your next vacuum cleaner at Modesto Vacuum and Sewing:

  • Free service while your vacuum is under warranty (up to $280 savings)
  • Free belts while your vacuum is under warranty (a $115 value)
  • Free 2-year supply of bags (an $80 savings)
  • Trade-in allowance on your old vacuum, see our coupons page

With all these benefits in one place, there’s no need for you to waste your time and gas going from store to store, trying to get the best deal. Let us save you time, money, fuel, and frustration. Stop by and take a look, we’re confident you’ll like what you find. And yes, we will plug it in and let you see how it works!

Remember to print your trade-in coupon and bring your old vacuum with you, when you come in.

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