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Central Vacuum Systems

Modesto Vacuum is an authorized CycloVac Dealer

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Let Cyclo Vac Make Your Life Easier!

Cyclo Vac central vacuum systems adapt to your needs and lifestyle. For your daily cleaning, things become incredibly quick and simple. Clean everything, from the basement to the attic, using our high performance vacuum units and our practical and easy to use attachments.

Choose Cyclo Vac for:

The experience of over 50 years from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in Canada and an extended network of professionals.

The high performance and reliability of a central vacuum renowned worldwide for its durability; its innovative technologies; and its exceptional performance, clearly superior to that of a portable vacuum.

The ease and speed of use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments.

The fresh air that our systems offer by capturing dust and allergens, without releasing any into ambient air.

The quietness of a unit with unmatched soundproofing.

“How does a central vacuum system work?”

A stationary central vacuum unit installed in a secluded location (basement, garage, etc.).


Vacuum inlets strategically installed throughout the house and connected to the vacuum unit by a piping system hidden within walls and closets.


A light and flexible hose to which you connect the attachment of your choice.


Connect your hose to an inlet and you’re ready to clean!

Efficient Filtration Adaptable to All Needs

Units with a bag

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These vacuum units, equipped with a disposable bag, are perfectly adapted for people suffering from allergies or who simply appreciate a quick and clean maintenance. The electrostatic bag, with an impressive capacity, imprisons dust for good, so you just need to throw it away, while keeping your hands clean!

Units with filters


These units will surely satisfy your eco-friendly nature. With their washable and reusable filters, there is nothing to throw out except the debris vacuumed, and you'll never have to buy any bags! Dust is separated from the air by a cyclonic action and deposited right at the bottom of the canister.

Hybrid models


Hybrid units can be used with or without a bag, at any time. Their versatile filtration system perfectly suits today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You’re out of bags and you don’t have enough time to go buy some more? No problem! Just remove the bag adaptor and you are ready to vacuum!

Central Vacuum System Service

Our “Can’t Lose” Service Calls

When you call Modesto Vacuum for service on your central vacuum system, we will come out, diagnose your central vacuum system problems, and let you know exactly what needs to be done. Then we give you two “Can’t Lose” options:

  1. You can apply the service call charge to having us repair your central vacuum system
  2. You can apply the service call charge toward the parts you need to fix it yourself

When you are having problems with your central vacuum system give us a call, we service all brands! Just Call (209)577-2411 Today!

Central Vacuum System Advantages

Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems produce more suction than is possible with portable vacuum cleaners. Central vacuum systems maintain their suction because they don't have to rely on heavy bags for filtration. The added suction allows you to clean better, and use longer hoses for added flexibility.

Central vacuums are easier to use, and really quiet, since you just work with the hose and attachments! Cyclonic filtration systems keep the dirt and dust away from your vacuum motor so these systems outlast portable vacuums.

Allergy sufferers will love using a central vacuum because there is no allergens blown back into the air. Central vacuum systems exhaust outside leaving your inside air cleaner every time you vacuum.

Compared to portable upright and canister vacuum cleaners, central vacuums clean better, cost less over time, are easier to use and improve your indoor air quality. The quietest vacuums are central vacuums because the motor is mounted away from your living area.

Because of their added convenience, better cleaning ability, ease of use, super quiet operation and improved indoor air quality, a central vacuum cleaner system can increase the value of your home, making it more of an investment and less of an expense. Central vacuum systems can be put into existing homes or new construction.

Central Vacuum Repair

If you have an existing central vacuum system now, call us for all your service, parts and repair. We service and repair all brands including, Riccar Central Vacuum Systems, Beam Central Vacuum Systems, Hayden Central Vacuum Systems, Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems, Airvac Central Vacuum Systems, Eureka Central Vacuum Systems, Cana-Vac Central Vacuum Systems, Air-Way Central Vacuum Systems, and more. For you “do-it-yourselfers” take a look at the Hayden Parts Catalog or the Linear Parts Catalog for what you need.

We service most areas in the central valley including Modesto, Ceres, Salida, Riverbank, Oakdale, Turlock, Tracy, Ripon, Manteca, Stockton, Patterson and Escalon. Call for more information, (209) 577-2411.

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