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Coleen and Gary Edwards

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1600 McHenry Avenue, Suite E | Modesto, CA 95350 | (209)577-2411

Modesto Vacuum Reviews

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Average rating: Average Rating 4.96 stars  on 30 reviews
5 star review

Reasonable Rates

This guy can take an abused, overworked 22 year old embroidery machine and make her sing like the day she was built...and at a REASONABLE RATE...He also saved/repaired/rebuilt my 20 year old BabyLoc...My seriously abused toys are now back in working order...without breaking my budget...

5 star review

Great Service

Great service, in addition to knowledge and expertise.

5 star review

Very Happy

My wife and I have grown tired of buying the trash vacs from Target/Walmart/Amazon. We have purchased the $39 special and the $399 "premium" vacuum, and feel the results were the same. On our way to target for our 9th vacuum in 22 years, we decided to stop in to see what an actual vacuum store would have.

We were greeted promptly by a friendly gentleman named Gary. After a few minutes of listening to what my wife really was looking to accomplish with this new vacuum, he pointed us into the direction of the Riccar Titan canister vacuum. I put it together that night and vacuumed the whole house with our old one and then back over it with the new one. It was amazing to see and feel the difference! I will gladly return for anything vacuum related. Shoot, I might even take up sewing....

5 star review

Great Place

Great place! Customer Service is great. Honest owner and very knowledgeable on repairing vacuums and sewing machines.

5 star review

Like Doing Business In Modesto 30 Years Ago

It’s been a long time since I’ve been treated like a customer. Gary is very trusting and to me that went a long way. He allowed me to take two belts and told me to return the one that did not fit. It was like doing business in Modesto 30 years ago. It’s nice to know that a few of the old school business people still exists and that a handshake meant something. This is the first review I’ve ever done so that should tell you something in itself.

5 star review

Reliable Service, Fair Price

If you are in need of a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine see Gary at Modesto Vacuum. He is located at 1600 Mc Henry Ave. Suite E Modesto, Ca. Phone number 209-577-2411. Reliable service and fair price.

5 star review

Fixed My 1955 Singer

Great place, fixed my 1955 singer sewing machine, works awesome.

5 star review

Knowledgeable And Kind

I was in need of a part, I was not sure what it was. I called and the gentleman was helpful and pleasant. I came in and he even helped install it.

Great customer service, knowledgeable and kind. I will be back when I need anything sewing or vacuum related!

5 star review

Always Excellent Service

I have always had excellent service.

5 star review

Very Impressed

My husband took my machine in to Modesto Vacuum for repair recently. I am happy to report that what they claim on their website is TRUE - it was ready within 24 hours. I was very impressed. Thank you.

5 star review

Very Friendly, Knowledgeable

Modesto vacuum and sewing is the best...Gary and Colleen are very friendly , knowledgeable and more than fair pricing...we go there for all our vacuum and sewing needs!

5 star review

This Place Is Fantastic!

1. Do check to make sure they will be open before you drive all the way there. It&rwquo;s an independently owned place run by great people who probably cannot be there on time every single day, and sometimes close early. I understand that, and will phone from now on.

2. This place is fantastic. Unlike another Vacuum place near by, this place is CLEAN. The people are NICE, really HELPFUL, and HONEST.

I will be coming here and no where else for as long as they own the place.

5 star review

Knew Exactly What I Needed

I went in to get a simple cheap part for my Kenmore vacuum cleaner. Price was very reasonable, he asked me if I checked the bearing, which I had not. I assumed it would be okay; however, because of his question I made sure when I got home to make sure the bearing was good in my vacuum. It was not, it was worn out. Thankfully the owner asked the question, and I was able to come back and purchase the park at a very reasonable price. Very happy with the service, if I ever need repair work done this place is going to be my first priority.

One other thing, stay away from the place up the street. My wife took the vacuum in there, it was $120. The repairs that were done, was simple and I could have done it myself.

5 star review

A Wonderful Shop

I am so grateful and impressed with Gary’s service. I have been to his shop before and always had wonderful experiences. This visit was no exception. My Long arm quilting machine was making a terrible sound. We packed it up and took into Gary. He being the angel he is had it finished the same day!! Just hours later! He saved me. I had so many projects to finish. My machine has never ran so quiet or so smooth. I am over the moon satisfied with his Customer Service, great prices, and expert workmanship. I will never go anywhere else! He also serviced my sewing machine had it back to me in less than 24 hours. Runs beautifully! I will tell everyone about this wonderful shop! Thank you so much Gary, a true Oakie!!

5 star review

Beats The Competition

was having problems with my sewing machine. So I had stopped at another sewing repair store & that guy didn’t even look at my machine & told me he could fix it. It would cost me $120 & a 3 week wait! So I went looking elsewhere & found Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Repair! $19.95 to look at my machine & had it back fixed in less than 2 hrs. With no extra charge! It works great now!!! I will be going here if I ever need more work done on my machine.

5 star review

I Won’t Go Any Where Else

I go to Modesto Vacuum & Sewing for service and repairs on my machines. I won’t go anywhere else. Gary does a great job and is always joking around. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to buy a vacuum or sewing machine or just get their machine serviced. No regrets.

5 star review

Saved My Life

For the last week I have been looking for a presser foot for my sewing machine and everywhere was sold out. I was skeptical about ordering online just because I knew I would [not] get in time to make my daughters costume for Halloween. The look in her eyes broke my hear[t] and then the search continued. I was going to order the part from Sears but I seen that it would be ship from a local store. I decided to go in and not only did they have it but he said no charge. It took everything in me not to cry right there. My daughter was jumping for joy when she seen me making her costume. I am definitely a customer for life. THANKS AGAIN I APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH.

5 star review

Need Help? Call Gary!!!

I had a minor problem with my shark sewing machine, I had called and spoke with Gary and he told me what the problem was right off the back. I took it in and within the hour i was called and told he had fixed it and I can pick it up, when I did he said no charge! I am definitely coming back for an upgraded sewing machine 🙂 and recommending this place to all my friends and family. Gary and his employees were very generous, nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. Thank You so much!!!!

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Highly Recommended

Great customer service!! Owner gave us some free spray for our vacuum!! I highly recommend this place!!

5 star review


We’ll be back, got a good price and received good service.

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Very Knowledgeable, No Pressure

I want to tell you why I give Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center 5 Stars. First off I want to say, I am not a family member nor am I an employee. I absolutely can not say anything but good things about Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center.

I have lived in Modesto for 15 years. For the first 5 years I traveled to the Bay Area for all of my Sewing and Vacuum needs. I decided in 2006 that it was just to far to go and I should find somewhere local. I found Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center on McHenry Ave., it was not only very clean, the owner ( Gary Edwards ), was more than kind and very knowledgable in the explaining of what the problem with my Singer sewing machine was.

He made an adjustment and it was good to go. I have taken my vacuums there since, my sewing machine there since and when I decided to upgrade it he let me try a couple floor models without feeling like I was being pressured into buying one.

My husband and I tell all our friends about Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center. Mr. Edwards is always very professional as a business owner and we recommend Modesto Vacuum and Sewing Center highly. Again I tell you, I am not a family member nor am I an employee. Just a very satisfied customer.

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

We Were Pretty Impressed

I’ve been in Modesto for over 15 years and I’ve never even thought of going in this shop, partly because I never had to. I frequently shop at the AT& T store and today I finally remembered that I needed 2 belts for my Dirt Devil & Hoover vacuum cleaners. So, I went in and told them what I needed. He retrieved the belts and when we were about to pay for the belts, the owner says, "Don’t worry about it happy holidays!!" We were pretty impressed and well pleased with the superior customer service we received. Now, I know where I’ll be shopping for all my vacuum cleaner needs. Thanks a bunch!!!

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Knew Exactly What I Needed

Went in for a belt for my old dinosaur vacuum, and the gentleman knew exactly what I needed; he even offered it to me at no cost. I’ll be coming here from now on to get parts.

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

One Call And I’m Thoroughly Impressed

All I needed was to make a phone call to be thoroughly impressed with Gary! He is very kind, knowledgeable, personable and giving. I’m so impressed that he said he will diagnose my serger for free. What?! Other shops quoted me $90 out of the gate to just look at it. This is how you do business! This is how you get customers back! I haven’t had any work done YET, but I’d be extremely surprised if he disappointed me. I have utmost faith.

5 star review

Good Old Fashioned Service

Extremely excellent service. Would recommend them to anyone. Very polite! Old fashioned service that you just don’t get any more!!!

4 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Updated Review

Updated.... I needed some help. I had stripped the nut inside my embroidery hoop. I went in hoping they had a nut or worst case a hoop I could buy. It is the only place in-town that sells Brother sewing machines.

I was nervous going in because I was going to have my kids with me this time and didn't want to deal with a rude store owner. However, he was very nice and gave me the parts I needed for free. The lady was also nice and gave me some additional tips on embroidery.

I will go into the store again when in need of parts for my machine. Again, I’m hoping he had an off day the first time I was in. Hope this helps..

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Definitely Recommend

I bought a carpet cleaner at a garage sale today and was told it was complete and worked, but needed a belt. After checking reviews on yelp I decided to come here for a belt. The owner knew exactly the belt I needed and explained how to install it. When I went to check out the item in my truck to see if I understood exactly how to put it on I realized many pieces were missing. My husband and I took the vacuum in the store to find out what we needed to buy in order to get the thing working properly. The owner let us know it was going to cost more for the items than what the vacuum was actually worth. he offered us a refund on the belt we just purchased but then found an old identical item in back with all our missing parts that he had intended to junk and he let us have it to repair our vacuum ourselves. I definitely recommend this store due to their knowledge of products, cleanliness, and superior customer service!

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Great Place!

With having a housecleaning service I’ve been bringing my vacuums here for repairs for 16 yrs and they always there to help out with broken belts etc. Most of time they do the repair right then or same day service. Most of my clients also bring there vacuums and sewing machines there as well. Great place to get used Dyson, Ricar’s etc. Great deals on Dyson!! Have a huge supply of vacuum bags, parts etc. on hand. If not he can order stuff at reasonable prices. If picking up a vacuum that was repaired BE SURE TO CHECK THE VAC TO MAKE SURE THE PROBLEMS FIXED. I got one home and it wasn’t repaired. Had to bring it back (UGG) and they fixed it on the spot. Great location too!!

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Repairs Vintage Sewing Machines

I have a bunch of vintage sewing machines as well as an industrial machine. The owner helps me with every one of them. The first time I went there, I brought a vintage 50’s machine. The owner took the fly wheel off, reset the clutch and I was good to go! All for free. Every place else I went to wanted to charge $80-$120. The customer service is great and they now how a lifetime customer. As long as Im in the central valley, this is where I will be going for all my sewing machine advise and repair. Thank you.

5 star review  on YelpYelp Review for Modesto Vacuum & Sewing Center

Excellent Customer Service

Who would have thought you should get your vacuum cleaner serviced with a tune-up? Not me until my Dyson was making a loud noise. I have walked pass this place a hundred times thinking I didn't need a new vacuum cleaner or a sewing machine until I vacuumed up a few pine needles from the Christmas tree. I took it in and in two days when I went to pick it up my Baby looked like it just came out of the box 2 years ago all shiny, clean, and new without the loud noise. Excellent customer service..... now if I only had a sewing machine......

They don't only service vacuum cleamers and sewing machines they also sell them new and used.