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Vacuum And Sewing Service


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Do you have a sewing machine or vacuum cleaner that needs to be serviced or repaired, but you can’t bring it in? Call us at (209)577-2411. We will pick up and deliver at no extra charge to you!

Vacuum Cleaner Service

Just $49.95!

  1. Lubricate Motor Bearing
  2. Clean all Motor Passages
  3. Lubricate Roller Bearings
  4. Deodorize Vacuum
  5. Check Motor Brushes for Wear
  6. Check Roller
  7. Test Suction and Airflow
  8. Inspect Electrical Connections
  9. Test all Vacuum Clearner Functions

Standard Sewing Machine Service

Starting at $79.95!

  1. Check Electrical Connections
  2. Clean and oil moving parts
  3. Adjust upper and lower tension settings
  4. Test timing of gears, needle bar, feed dogs
  5. Buff race hook
  6. Test all Sewing Machine Functions

Computerized Sewing Machine Service - $89.95

Commercial Sewing Machine Service - $129.95

All Serger Machine Service - $89.95

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my vacuum cleaner?

If you vacuum daily, and have a light amount of dirt and debris, you should have your vacuum serviced every 3 to 6 months.

With pets or if you have lots of foot traffic, then you may need to have your vacuum serviced more often. It really depends on the quality of your machine and bags.

Is there a sure way to know when it’s time to have my vacuum serviced?

Yes. If you notice a definite drop in the suction of your vacuum, or if you are getting excess odors from your machine then it’s time to bring it in.

How often should I have my sewing machine serviced?

Sewing machines should at least be serviced annually. The gears and cams are lubricated to reduce friction. These oils lose their effectiveness over time, when exposed to air.

If you sew weekly or daily, then your machine will need more attention. You’ll get smoother operation and better stitches when your sewing machine is properly adjusted and well maintained.

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