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The Lindhaus vacuum cleaner division was started in the mid-80’s with one goal: engineer and build the best domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners in the world. This was a logical new division for Rotafil as they had saturated the market for high-end vacuum motors and brush nozzle motors. Also, many of the partnerships that they had forged with their motor customers involved application of motors to all plastic appliances and vacuum cleaners.

Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaners

Lindhaus® Activa E.S.O. Evolution

lindhaus activa

Activa represents a new generation of the highest filtration vacuum cleaner / dry carpet cleaning machine all-in-one. This uniquely designed world class, single motor vacuum is lightweight and has a patented geared belt system. Activa comes standard with 6 stages of filters. An electrostatic “3M Filtrete” microfilter ensures more than 98% efficiency at 0.3 microns. It can also be fitted with optional S-Class HEPA Filtration and to trap offensive odors, you can add an optional Carbon / Micron filter cartridge.

More Than Just A Vacuum

The intergrated Dry Carpet cleaning maintenance system is only available on the Lindhaus Activa vacuum. To switch from vacuuming to carpet cleaning, simply switch the standard brush roller with the optional dry-clean brush, close the top mounted suction channel and you’re now ready to dry clean carpet. No tools required!

Lindhaus® HealthCare Hepa

lindhaus healthcare hepa

The HealthCare Pro Hepa is compact, commercial quality and reliable enough for professional use. The exhausted air is so clean it is approved for hospital use. It is exceptionally quiet, very dependable and the only vacuum approved to be used in the White House!

Clean Floors, Carpets And More

This amazing machine comes with hard floor tools, exceptional filtration, a dry carpet cleaning system, a backpack kit, and state of the art onboard tools. There’s even an optional blowing kit that can be used to clear a sink clog or remove dust from radiators. Includes a 35 foot power cord.

Lindhaus® Diamante 300 - 380

lindhaus diamante 300 - 380

The Diamante Electronic represents a new generation of two motor multifunction, high efficiency filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaners.

It is the lightest two motor Upright vacuum that has ever been manufactured. Equipped with a patented weight distribution system that provides an extremely light handle weight.

Two Models Available

The Diamante Electronic is available in two versions, the 300 standard and 380 widepath cleaning models that make selection easy for any application small to large. The low profile design and accessories on board allow for perfect cleaning of all surfaces. With exceptional cleaning power it quickly and efficiently removes all dirt and dust on the first pass.

The Diamante features a light weight, quiet design with dual motors and hospital quality filtration. This is an excellent multi-surface cleaning machine. The two motors can work together or separately depending on the required function. This unit also uses the patented dry cleaning system (DCS) for rugs and carpets.

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